The Need for a Responsive Web Design

It’s 2014 and many of the websites that we see are still not adaptive to the changing online landscape brought by the prevalence of mobile devices. Some Fortune 500 company websites, and even Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, for example, are still not mobile-optimised. If you are thinking of doing changes to your website, then implementing a responsive web design is for you.

Mobile experts have called responsive web design as a way of designing and coding websites with a fluid layout, so that images and other elements of the site adapt on the screen on which the site is being viewed. Using style sheets to reformat the content to fit different forms of screens, this technique deploys content to various devices seamlessly, requiring a positioning of the site only once.

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Expert Sunshine Coast Web Design works for Construction Companies

“The above may prompt general construction specialists in the Sunshine Coast to up their services and work harder in securing good projects. The construction industry is one arm of the area’s business triad (the others being retail and tourism) and a recent industry study is projecting a steadier flow of construction jobs in the Sunshine Coast as well as in the Gold Coast and Toowoomba for the rest of the year, particularly for commercial buildings and detached residences. Why not have Sunshine Coast web design specialists like those from Marketing theProduct amp your construction firm’s site with new form and function?

A major element in a website redesign is to assess how the new page will figure in the business’ long-term growth and marketing thrust. A sit-down between your team and the web designer can map out the plan of action for the site. Fadeyev poses the question if you are aiming for the site to attract new customers, share content, or add traffic.”

SEO Services in Sunshine Coast Adding Value to your Tour Business

“Encouraging people to patronise your business requires engaging them in various fields. A social media account with links to the main site’s specific content is a widely-preferred tactic among business operators. At the same time though, you or some authorised members of your team can participate in, say, an online industry forum and include the business URL as part of their signature.

The aim of every SEO campaign is to generate higher search rankings, and in the case of tourism operators, more clients. Let Sunshine Coast SEO experts like Marketing theProduct help you out.”