SEO Content Tips: SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Search engine optimization these days is trending towards producing high quality content in which readers, as opposed to mere search engine ‘robot’ spiders, can actually find informational value in company websites when looking for something that they need. Value in content may encompass a broad range of subjects that are treated in any one of many forms of media to engage the interest of the sites’ target audience. It could be as simple as having a company blog in your site, or posting relevant, interesting images—whatever the content, it helps to keep these considerations in mind:


Never post irrelevant content in your site’s blog. Search engines weigh your site when archiving files based on where their spiders sense your industry belongs, so the more you write content that veers away from information that relates to what you sell, the less likely your site will pop out when someone searches for your products and services.

Word Count

SEO blog posts should neither be too long nor too short to register well in search engines. Keep your word count at about 500-750 words. Short posts might not get picked up by the search spiders, whereas lengthy posts might turn away readers and potential leads.

Entertainment Value

Always remember that in writing SEO content, you have the reader’s interest in mind, so don’t be shy in giving them entertaining pieces without taking away their informational or educational value.

Keeping your posts relevant and engaging is one clever way to get your readers to look forward to turning to your site for anything interesting to read—and buy.

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