Looks That Matter: Signs of Horrible Web Design

Internet surfers judge a website by its design. Responsive web design attracts an audience. Bad design means poor judgment of what works and what doesn’t. Here are some of the horrible mistakes most designers commit that you have to watch out for:

No back button and no home button – some web coders and designers alike thought that  disabling the back button of the browser would make readers linger on the page longer, or that a page without a home button is cute. When users can’t return or go home, next time they’ll think twice before even entering your site.

Poorly-built navigation – navigation is everything. This is the bar where people look for the links that will direct them to what they need or where they need to go. If your navigation has un-clickable links, or readers can’t even find the navigation itself, users will turn to other sites.

404 errors – A site with a broken link is a wound. What could be more annoying than a link (that users assume would contain needed information) that does not direct you to anything at all?

Too many open windows – Links and content that instruct users to open new windows each time could be as annoying as broken links.

No contact details – People look for validity when they go to a website company. They need to know if the company is real or not, legit or a fraud.  Having no contact details (and that includes your Facebook page) will make people think you’re a fake.

Forever loading pages – recent research has revealed that online shoppers only wait four seconds for a page to load. If your site takes longer than that, better speed up those servers now.

Too many font style and colors – need to say more? If you think using a lot of fonts and colors for your site makes you artsy, you need to take an art class.

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