Sunshine Coast SEO Services Help You Avoid Mistakes in SEO Marketing

“Business owners may think that hiring Sunshine Coast SEO services to improve their websites is unnecessary. However, having an expert on hand can help avoid mistakes. As an example, Jayson DeMers recently wrote an article for Forbes about some of the mistakes people make when trying to implement SEO for their site. One of these errors is the lack of measuring the effectiveness of campaigns:

Avoiding the waste of not measuring your performance is just one example of how professionals like Marketing the Product can help your business refine its SEO methods. There are also other mistakes that these Sunshine Coast SEO firms can help avoid.”

SMEs: It’s Time to Work with Insurance Brokers in the Sunshine Coast

Historically, flooding mainly occurs in the province from January to April, although heavy rainfall sometimes persists into September to December, such as what happened in 2010. SMEs in the agriculture and mining industries often suffer the worst damage, as their losses have topped out at $1.6 billion and $2.5 billion, respectively, in the past. More recently, flood warnings in Queensland were issued on March, 2014, as many areas like Brisbane, Condamine/Balonne, and the Sunshine Coast experienced heavy rainfall from the 25th to the 27th.

Of course, there are more mundane matters that a business interruption insurance policy can protect against. For example, if flooding has bogged down Queensland’s supply and distribution chain, this policy can cover SMEs for losses due to delayed deliveries. Business interruption insurance also protects them from the unforeseen costs of relocating from one place to another, which typically include bonds and legal fees. Reliable Sunshine Coast insurance brokers can tell SMEs what kinds of risks they face, since natural disasters aren’t the only thing they should worry about.

SMEs: It’s Time to Work with Insurance Brokers in the Sunshine Coast

Having Management Liability Insurance is Important for SMEs Today

As the name implies, management liability insurance protects a company’s executives and managers from certain forms of litigation, specifically those that pertain to insolvent trading, fraud, discrimination, employee theft, and the like. However, it also has the more important role of preventing the company from suffering excessive financial losses, especially if it is forced to pay for restitution, statutory fines, and penalties. At the very least, this insurance policy can provide indemnity for defence costs and associated costs in the claims processes.

Things can become a bit more complicated when cyber-crimes are involved, though. While scams and online theft are traditional examples of cyber-crime, the Australian Federal Police also use the term to describe any crime committed with the use of technology. This means that selling business secrets online may also be considered a cyber-crime, which is something that a management liability insurance policy can’t protect against.