Why Meta descriptions still Matter in SEO

Back in 2009, Google announced that meta descriptions no longer affect search rankings. Of course, no direct effect does not mean absolutely no effect at all. Read on to know why meta descriptions remain a vital part of SEO.

What are Meta descriptions?

Google search results are basically comprised of two things: the title of a page and a snippet text explaining what it’s all about. In a nutshell, that’s what a meta description is—a quick summary of each web page’s contents.

Why Bother with It?

As previously mentioned, meta descriptions do not affect how well a page ranks. So why bother adding one at all?

Simple: if you leave the meta description field blank, Google will scour the page and randomly cull a passage from it. This text it chooses may or may not be a fitting description of the web page. Since potential customers rely on the meta description to glean more information about your company, do not leave meta description generation to Google—create your own!

How to Create a Good Meta description

Needless to say, the meta description must be truly representative of a web page. As such, create a distinct meta description for every page of your site, as each contains different information.

Also, don’t forget to add keywords to it—they’ll be highlighted by Google in search results, making it easier for users to judge relevance.

Lastly, keep it short, ideally within 115 characters. Any longer and Google might truncate it.

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