Useful Business Interruption Insurance to Offset Losses from Disasters

The economy can be quite unpredictable, but even more erratic are the unfortunate catastrophes that can beset any business. Whether it is a fire accident, a freak storm, or even a devastating earthquake, such things are beyond the power of businesses that are at the mercy of such disasters. Fortunately, financial hedges such as business interruption insurance products can help businesses offset the losses they suffer from an unforeseen accident.

An event like the recent hailstorm that hit the Brisbane area, resulting in costly damages to both residential and commercial properties, put to light just how expensive it can be to recover from a very physical interruption in business operations. As reported on the Courier Mail in November 28, 2014, the hail was so strong that it managed to smash the city’s various windows and tip over exposed planes on airfields.

Quality Web Design—Why Your Business Needs It

Growing the customer base is one of the most important goal of any business, if not the most important. Oftentimes, this one factor can spell the difference between failure and success—failure to bring in more customers has spelt disaster for many businesses. However, in this age of fleeting interests, how can you reach and attract more of your target customers? How can you market your product or service and gain a distinct advantage over the competition? The answer lies in quality web design. Continue reading

Five Fundamental Rules for a Highly Productive SEO

Optimising your website for better search engine rankings involves multiple strategies. It includes enhancing elements, such as website functionality, content, and link build-ups. Below are a few general principles.

  1. Ensure consistency

Using different numbers across major listings can hurt your ranking significantly, as well as using an address that is not identical to your citations. As for your postings, be aware that you’ll end up disappointing your followers if you don’t update your content regularly. Information is king, and people want to know more behind what you have to offer. If you want to attract new customers and keep your existing ones, you have to give them something to look forward to. Out of sight is out of mind. Continue reading