Modern Design Basics that Keep your Site Timeless

Regardless of emerging artistic or technologically advanced trends, classic web design on the Sunshine Coast cannot do without basic elements that have endured since the dawn of the Internet.

Unique Typography

When creating your company’s brand, it is important to consider the typography. This allows readers to immediately identify your website and brand. Typography uses one design trend across the website that helps lead readers to different parts of the website. For instance, the New Yorker website leads visitors from one section to another based on the typography and font sizes.

Flat Design

A simplistic appearance more commonly known as flat design uses simple illustrations that typically have bright colours, three-dimensional effects, etc. Flat design uses a minimalistic style, making the website appear cleaner with more white space to keep focus on the content and “meat” of the site instead of overloading it with elements.

Hover Effects

These help you identify where you are on a page. When you place your cursor over a part of a website that has a hover effect, it usually changes colours or highlights letting you know where you are looking. Hover effects are a great tool to help with a user’s experience. The design isn’t intrusive, yet it helps website visitors keep track of where they are looking on a page.

In-Depth Product Videos

In addition to large product images, more sites are using in-depth product videos to talk about product features and walk customers through the process of how to use products.

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