Modern Design Basics that Keep your Site Timeless

Regardless of emerging artistic or technologically advanced trends, classic web design on the Sunshine Coast cannot do without basic elements that have endured since the dawn of the Internet.

Unique Typography

When creating your company’s brand, it is important to consider the typography. This allows readers to immediately identify your website and brand. Typography uses one design trend across the website that helps lead readers to different parts of the website. For instance, the New Yorker website leads visitors from one section to another based on the typography and font sizes. Continue reading

Common Business Interruption Insurance Errors You May Not Be Aware Of

Material losses, withdrawing investors, lost supplier ties—these are dreadful problems every small business faces following a disastrous calamity. Most have secured business interruption insurance policies to cover for income loss while trying to get back on track. But others end up in utter disappointment as their claims are reduced, if not denied.

The tendency is to immediately seek legal measures to resolve the situation. The focus on restoring the business is diverted as monetary resources are exhausted on the lawsuit. But in the end, there are only two possibilities: the claim being awarded or the efforts ending up futile.

Some Rules to Remember in Creating Web Design on the Sunshine Coast

The key to staying alive online is to stay relevant. One route to relevance is via creating attractive and functional web design on the Sunshine Coast. Unfortunately, many designers end up making similar mistakes that don’t do much for the client except hold back their success. Jason Tselentis breaks down these common errors in his article for

An intro that can be skipped

Nothing can be more annoying than being forced to watch an intro, especially a lengthy one on Flash or another plug-in. Visitors should always have the option to skip it and proceed to the home page. You’re off to a bad start by forcing visitors to sit through your presentation and preventing them to go directly where they want to go.