Good Web Design Makes a Huge Difference

What separates a good website from a mediocre one? What about the good ones from the great? You can find many answers to that, but web design remains a primary differentiator.

Imagine that you are browsing two online shopping sites that both offer the same products. One of them has an intuitive navigation systems, with products that are arranged by category, and an efficient search function. For each product listed, there is an “Add to Cart” button beside it. As for the other site, you notice that the products are not categorised, the search function is hardly helpful, and all you have are “Next” and “Back” buttons.

All things being equal, which one would you naturally prefer? Which one would you purchase from or visit again?

Most people, if asked these questions, will probably choose the first website over the second one. Ease of site navigation, after all, matters a lot. Even if the second website offers lower prices, its lack of user-centric features is bound to discourage many consumers from ever making a purchase.

From these examples, anyone can deduce that good web design is crucial to sales conversions. You won’t need to learn to create websites from scratch, though, as you can turn to web design experts who create and implement a website development plan that is geared toward helping you achieve your business goals.

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