Sunshine Coast Insurance Brokers: Defence Against Cybercrime Threats

With more and more business operations carried out over the Internet, it’s no surprise that cyber-attacks are among the most threatening risks for businesses this year. Most experts believe, however, that while the risk of cybercrimes is rising in Australia, it might take more than a year for businesses to fully realise its danger.

Cybercrimes had definitely taken its toll on the Australian economy, costing more than $1.65 billion worth of losses per year. At times, cyber-attacks could be elaborate, initiated by anonymous hackers to obtain an exorbitant amount of money from businesses. On the other hand, even employees can put businesses at risk of cybercrimes, with breaches happening due to simple occurrences, such as sending a confidential email to the wrong person. With these growing risks to a business, it’s increasingly important to seek help from insurance brokers in the Sunshine Coast to be protected from potential losses due to cybercrime.


How Management Liability Insurance Covers You from Thieving Employees

Among many other risks that a business might face, loss due to thieving employees is one of the most complicated things to deal with. In such cases, a business does not only lose a part of their assets or stocks, but they are also at risk of facing unfair dismissal charges from these dishonest employees. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should be ignoring these events, particularly if an employee had taken quite a significant amount of assets from you. A good example would be what happened in a coal mine near Newcastle.

According to reports, a 38-year-old mineworker has been charged for stealing over 300 kilograms of copper wire from a coal mine at Black Hill. Police found three 100 kilogram spools of copper wire (worth around $3,500) from the mineworker’s car during a search, the same quantity which was reported to be stolen.

Sunshine Coast Insurance Protects your Business from Cyber Crimes

It’s important for any business to protect its “identity”, particularly the sensitive personal and confidential information on file, against online hackers. Cybercrime attacks in Australia have cost the country’s businesses $4.5 billion in average losses annually, with the average cost per data breach costing up to $2.16 million. When you know your data cannot be compromised at any cost, it’s important to obtain a Sunshine Coast insurance that protects and covers losses against hacks or leaks of private information.