Poor Design Hurts Your Website’s Success

How’s the design of your website doing? How well does it satisfy your visitors? This is important to think about if you want your site to become successful, especially in triggering action and inspiring loyalty. When your website disappoints even a few visitors, news will travel fast. Poor design and making things complicated for your visitors will hurt both the traffic and conversion rate of your website.

With that in mind, here are some notable mistakes to keep in mind:

Poor Content Organization

Internet users mostly just scan rather than read. As such, putting your content as just a massive block of text will likely make them miss crucial information on how to carry out actions on your site, which will most likely lead to them leaving.

Hard to Find (or Missing) Search Box

Be it a corporate or leisure blog site, users may be looking for something that is not immediately visible. Thus, a search box is an indispensable part of your site. It must be located at an intuitive and easily accessible location (e.g. the top of the page) for best results.

Inconsistencies in Interface Design

Do not fall into the trap of excessive creativity. Usability is more important. Maybe you are tempted to implement a different design for each page, but this can sacrifice the comprehensibility of your site’s functions.

To avoid these mistakes, discuss them thoroughly with your web designer.


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