Why You Should Pay Attention to Typography

Typography is one of the most important elements of web design. Unfortunately, so many businesses overlook this crucial factor without realising the long-term and adverse consequences. Before you launch your website, see if every typographic component, from the banner to the footnotes and everything in between, serves your business needs.

Among other things, the typography of your website affects its usability. Your choice of typeface, fonts, and other elements of typography can dictate readability and, by extension, the overall potency of your content.

If the text is hard to read, the visitor may either miss important details in the copy or leave your website without having read everything. Either way, your business suffers from lost sales or conversion opportunities. If every visitor struggles to make sense of your copy, people are bound to remember that difficult experience more than whatever brilliant message your copy is trying to convey.

In addition, typography plays a major part in branding. Typefaces and fonts have different characteristics that enable them to display personality, convey moods and emotions, and add a sense of credibility to the content. Your font type and size choices can hardly be arbitrary, therefore, and instead properly coordinated with your overall branding efforts.

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