Bolstering a School’s Online Presence

Schools are meant to be bastions of knowledge and learning, preparing the young for more challenges in life. That preparation also includes steeping them in old and new ways of education, including exposure to online communications and e-learning. On the other side of the coin, school administrators need to understand the latest methods of marketing the place for more potential students. One avenue in this regard is to promote it online through search engine optimization, or SEO, involving a website for the school itself. Here are some factors that influence it.


The content of the school website is just as important as the knowledge imparted on the students. To this end, the site must be populated by objective materials that match the school’s main branding. Take note that people searching for schools will type keywords that include elements like location, student gender, grade levels, or religious affiliations. You will also have to analyse keywords you’re interested in but are highly used by the competition.


The school’s website may need design tweaks as the situation permits. Chief among this is the need to reconfigure site architecture so the page is easily viewable on desktop and mobile devices, yet still retains the same branding elements at first glance.


Linkbuilding helps bring in more traffic to your school site and potentially attract new students. A key element of this strategy is to choose a reputable site where you can share referral links with.

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