Introduction to Responsive Web Design

When running a business, you’ll obviously want your company to be up-to-date and competent in every way possible. Working at this, you’ve probably looked at several professional web design options, but never taken the time to find out about “responsive” web design. Here’s what you need to know!

Once upon a time, when mobiles had first started getting internet access, many people would rather find information online through a laptop or desktop computer. The main reason for this was that almost every page on the internet was made in a single format, and in most cases, accessing a page on a mobile phone meant clunky, slow service and terrible navigation if the navigation functioned at all! With the dawn of the smartphone, everything changed. These days, more and more people are using phones and tablets as their primary if not only way of browsing online, and with this change in the market, a different kind of web design was needed.

To put it simply, responsive web design means having one site designed for use through conventional computers, and another for use with mobile devices. this has been popular among many business owners, as it offers the user a much more fluid and enjoyable experience through using their site, which ultimately means better conversion rates and revenue! It also means that your site will be relatively future-proof. When a site is responsively designed, it is usable on almost all modern mobile devices, and odds are it will be far into the future.

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