The Importance of Site Compatibility across Browsers

Many web design enthusiasts tout the virtues of “responsive” web design, i.e. the ability of a website to adapt to various screen sizes and orientations and thereby provide an optimal user experience across different devices. Browser compatibility is just as crucial when it comes to the user experience. Continue reading

Making SEO and Content Marketing Work Together

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing are often thought of as one and the same, yet they are in truth different. SEO deals with the technical side, while content marketing aims to attract consumers. These two distinct concepts, however, are often interlinked in that SEO serves as the building block for quality content to flourish. Here’s how you can integrate content marketing with your SEO strategy: Continue reading

Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are a startup business looking to invest on a website, you might want to consult the help of a web design firm. Beginners might commit these common design mistakes, that’s why it’s probably best for experts to handle your website.

  • Overdesign: You might be tempted to add too many designs and graphics in your website, putting the overall user experience into jeopardy. Always keep in my mind that the website you are making is for your customers, not for you.

  • Distracting Pop-Ups: Tell the web designer to lessen pop-ups and windows in your website because these will only annoy the readers and will lead to less traffic. Let your customers see what your company is all about without the unnecessary distractions.

  • Lack of Pictures: A website without pictures is most likely to get less traffic. Adding pictures in your website will engage the viewers and extend their stay in your site a little longer. Besides, reading too much words can be boring.

  • Lack of Engaging Content: If you want a good website for your website, you have to be ready to update your website with articles and other web content. You can’t just put up a website on the Internet and expect people to flock to it. Give them reasons to visit, and more importantly, to come back.

Designing a website is not easy as it looks. Trust your local web design firm to deliver a good website that is both fun and efficient.