The Basics of Business Interruption Insurance for Sunshine Coast Firms

Cash-flow is king as the saying goes. It is one thing to insure your physical property of the business , but how do you keep your business running in the event of a loss?
Business interruption insurance is designed to protect the loss of income and assist a business to return to the same financial position as if the loss never took place.

If your business experiences a loss, such as your physical building burns down or an electrical storm wipes out your power and you cannot continue to work, your property or material damage insurance policy is triggered to repair your physical business. What happens though in the meantime? Repairs to your building or replacing electrical / computer equipment or data may take months or even years.

Do You Really Need Travel Insurance Coverage for A Business Trip?

Avid traveller and New York Times columnist Seth Kugel likens travel insurance to a side dish, like fries. In almost all his travels, Kugel didn’t buy the “side dish”. After all, he’s healthy and is covered by a medical policy even while in another country. Eventually, however, he ended up purchasing one, with the sole purpose of evaluating whether or not a travel insurance is, indeed, beneficial.

So, should you get travel insurance if you’re off on a business trip soon? After his experience, Kugel says that travellers who consider themselves “high-risk” or they are more likely to make a claim, should get insurance. This is a particularly smart move, especially for adventurers who prefer to ‘go with the flow’ and not pre-book accommodations, city trips, or other trips. Or not take serious consideration to important travel essentials.

Sunshine Coast insurance: Guard your business against property risks

Business risks can come in many forms and at many instances. Aside from disruptions to daily operations, unmitigated risks also have serious effects on a company’s long-term profits and goals. For instance, shopping-centre or brick-and-mortar businesses on the Sunshine Coast face a real risk in the form of damage to their commercial or industrial properties. Business owners should, therefore, be prepared for the worst and guard against any such threat through the right property insurance.