SEO Content Tips: SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Search engine optimization these days is trending towards producing high quality content in which readers, as opposed to mere search engine ‘robot’ spiders, can actually find informational value in company websites when looking for something that they need. Value in content may encompass a broad range of subjects that are treated in any one of many forms of media to engage the interest of the sites’ target audience. It could be as simple as having a company blog in your site, or posting relevant, interesting images—whatever the content, it helps to keep these considerations in mind: Continue reading

Video Games: An Unusual Source for Sunshine Coast Web Design Ideas

The following quote is from Erik Hinton, interactive news developer for the New York Times, during a 2013 interview with Mashable’s Denise Lu: “Game designers are lightyears ahead of most app and web makers in asking questions about what interactivity entails and how meaningful play happens.” It’s a clear indication of how web and game design share a common doctrine. The methods may differ, but graphic designer Anne Miles believes some rules of game design can be applied to Sunshine Coast web design. Does this mean a web designer has to have experience in game design or vice-versa? Perhaps not.

On Site, In Sight: On Creating Proper Web Design in the Sunshine Coast

Young and tech-savvy employees can indeed bring something fresh and exciting to the table. Yet while the cost-saving prospects may prove attractive, businesses need to be more serious about constructing a compelling website and should be willing to invest in professional web design in the Sunshine Coast. A trusted company like Marketing theProduct can help businesses command a strong online presence through the kind of web design that delivers great visuals and a great site navigation experience with search engine optimisation and other online marketing techniques.

The layout, content, and overall design of a website shouldn’t be left in the hands of a raw recruit if a business hopes to attract more customers online. Instead, one should do the smart thing and enlist a Sunshine Coast web design expert for optimum results.