Using Effective and Smart SEO Services for Sunshine Coast Businesses

Given that customers find their way to websites by way of search engines, every business website must, therefore, be made as visible as possible. This goal entails building website content around relevant keywords that target consumers are likely to type on search fields.

In any case, search engines have now grown a lot smarter since. Simply peppering webpages with keywords is no longer considered good practice; in fact, websites that still adhere to this method may incur the ire of search engines. To keep up with ever-evolving search engine algorithms, businesses would do well to collaborate with a Sunshine Coast SEO expert such as Marketing theProduct.

Niek Gooren: A Lesson on Creative Wits

Meet Niek Gooren, just an ordinary Dutchman with an extraordinary story. He recently made the headlines after his uncanny but witty way of presenting his resume: via

The link above is his own website where he posted pictures of himself, one of which shows him slouching on the sofa while eating crisps. The website is in Dutch, but the message is clear for its viewers: he’s in search of a job after losing his last one. After receiving around 50 offers, Gooren changed the image to one of himself at his desk in a PR firm, opening a bottle of champagne.

Gooren’s no celebrity, but what made him the center of several days of fame is his website. The traditional “send your resume by snail mail or email” method didn’t serve him well so he put his resume online, including the tidbit that he is low cost since “he likes his coffee black.” This story is an example of the power of well-designed websites with crafty content.

Being unconventional is a gamble, but the returns are immense. The only limits of web design, as in most aspects in life, is the mind. Imagination eliminates traditional boundaries to pave the way for opportunities once thought impossible or inexistent. Web designers are encouraged to think outside the box if they want to achieve extraordinary success.