Why You Should Pay Attention to Typography

Typography is one of the most important elements of web design. Unfortunately, so many businesses overlook this crucial factor without realising the long-term and adverse consequences. Before you launch your website, see if every typographic component, from the banner to the footnotes and everything in between, serves your business needs.

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How Pay-per-Click and SEO Can Work Together

PPC involves more pro-action, i.e. the purchase of space from websites or search engines, while SEO can be said to be more passive since it relies on organic search results. The two may seem opposites, but they can complement each other for a more effective search marketing strategy.

Integrate the best performing PPC ad copy information with your SEO

Evaluate which PPC ad has the most conversions and pattern your title tags, meta descriptions, and page content for the pages you want to rank organically after it. Testing the effectiveness of titles and metatags organically can take a long time. PPC shows results quicker so you know what works; you can use it to speed up your SEO. Continue reading