How to Future-Proof Your Web Design

Web design trends come and go based on the whims of today’s consumers and major search engines. Sometimes, it gets difficult to predict which of the latest fad to follow in order to keep up-to-date and cater to your users’ preferences. There are, however, certain measures you can take to future-proof your web design right now. This way, you can better adapt to coming changes. Continue reading

Web Design Trends for Businesses in 2014

There is always constant competition in the field of online marketing that it will leave you in a cloud of dust and smoke quicker than you can say ‘optimisation’–unless you know how to keep up. Web design in particular, is constantly adapting new trends and techniques that keep businesses applying them in the running for ‘most interesting’ and ‘most likely to get clicks’. Here are some useful web design trends for 2014:

Cool Fonts

Don’t just settle for tired old Arial and Times New Roman or the black sheep that is Comic Sans. Websites in 2014 have taken to adopting fresh fonts full of personality and function in their content. Some of the most popular Google fonts to date include Playfair Display, Roboto, Lato and Arimo. Experiment on which one works best for your webpages.

Mobile and Responsiveness

While mobile users are taking up so much more of the cyber airwaves than desktop users, the latter group is still important for your business. The key thus is to apply responsive web design, which means that your site can basically transform itself for optimum user experience regardless of the device it is accessed with.

Long Scrolling

Responsive design, as well as the preference for increased white space, also has to do with how the prospect of long scrolling is now coming back to life. Therefore, you can pack your various content for easy access in a single page, which plays well with Google’s “content is king” algorithm nowadays.