White Hat and Black Hat SEO: Know the Difference!

Just as there are good and bad business practices, search engine optimisation also has the same dichotomy. This is characterised by the presence of ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ SEO strategies, either of which is offered by most internet marketing companies today. On paper, it’s easy to choose white hat strategies over black hat tactics, but in practice it’s hard to tell which is which without consulting a reliable SEO company.

Generally speaking, white hat SEO works with the system and rules imposed by search engines like Google. If a website needs to improve its ranking, it needs to regularly produce high-quality, original content in the form of articles, blog posts, videos, and the like, all the while integrating relevant keywords both in text and in code. The goal of this strategy is to let search engines give precedence to websites that offer the most useful information to internet users.

Black hat SEO, meanwhile, attempts to circumvent the rules by using irrelevant keywords, hoarding or buying links from other websites, and creating doorways that link to completely different webpages. This sounds clear-cut so far, but black hat SEO also includes article spinning, which creates different copies of the same article so as to boost the number of pages in the website, and keyword stuffing, which hoards as many keywords as possible and hide them in plain sight.