Making Your Website Future Proof

When it comes to businesses, a fully functioning website is equally important as having the best possible physical facilities. The website serves as the business’ online storefront, and is often the immediate representation of the quality of the products or services which they provide. When accessed by those who are nowhere near the physical business, they have no other means to scrutinize the company than by that of what they see on the website. Continue reading

Sunshine Coast Web Design: Smart Design Begins at UX Task Analysis

“At no point were available solutions or current technology discussed until they identified the desired outcome: a quick and effortless way to allow men to shop for flowers for women. By sticking to this ideal, Proflowers outpaced its competition, pulling the most profitable segment of the market out from under them.

The approach Marine shares in his article has important implications that apply to the process of contracting services for web design in Sunshine Coast. It reminds companies to focus on understanding customers’ needs first when having a website designed, rather than chasing after features that they don’t really need.”