Looks That Matter: Signs of Horrible Web Design

Internet surfers judge a website by its design. Responsive web design attracts an audience. Bad design means poor judgment of what works and what doesn’t. Here are some of the horrible mistakes most designers commit that you have to watch out for: Continue reading

SEO Content Tips: SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Search engine optimization these days is trending towards producing high quality content in which readers, as opposed to mere search engine ‘robot’ spiders, can actually find informational value in company websites when looking for something that they need. Value in content may encompass a broad range of subjects that are treated in any one of many forms of media to engage the interest of the sites’ target audience. It could be as simple as having a company blog in your site, or posting relevant, interesting images—whatever the content, it helps to keep these considerations in mind: Continue reading

Sunshine Coast Web Design Services Can Help Keep Your Site Up-to-Date

“Experienced Sunshine Coast web design services like Marketing the Product often offer to provide ongoing updates to your website as part of their product packages. You may be tempted to not take them up on this offer to save money, but it turns out that it is better in the long run to tap their services. To illustrate, Tyler Collins recently wrote for the Huffington Post about the need for constant updates to websites:

This is where the services of Sunshine Coast web design firms would prove most useful. The constantly changing demands of SEO will require regular updates to a site. Some of these changes are because of popular trends, changes in search engine algorithms, and other, often unpredictable factors.”